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About our platform

R-U-ON offers a remarkably simple and powerful monitoring platform for your IT infrastructure. It combines public net monitoring with low-footprint installed agents to alert you of issues both inside and outside your firewall.


Our public monitoring requires no software installation and is done from our data center. Monitoring is done in three minutes interval and covers the following protocols.

HTTPMonitor a public HTTP server for availability and response time as well as data integrity.
HTTPSIn addition to regular HTTP health, HTTPS monitors your SSL certificates.
FTPMonitor FTP by downloading a file or directory and checking its content.
SSHMonitor both SSH and SFTP channels as well as execute an SSH command and validate the results.
SIPAvailability of a SIP server.
PortCheck any TCP listener by attempting a connection to a host/port address.

On failure a traceroute is performed and attached to the alarm to enable easy troubleshooting.


Our private, behind the firewall monitoring agents are extremely easy to install and configure. Simply run the agent on the target machine and it will install itself and associate itself with your account. Here is a partial list of our main agents.

ServerOnMonitor general server health: CPU, memory, disk etc.
ProcessOnCheck process and service availability.
OnAccessMonitor server access.
OnPingPing servers behind the firewall
OnHTTPMonitor HTTP servers on your private network.
PortOnMonitor any TCP listener behind the firewall.
OnSensatronicsIntegrate industry leading Sensatronic environmental probes for temperature, humidity, etc.
DnsOnMonitor your DNS availability and name-to-IP mapping.

Agents are compiled natively for Windows, Linux and Mac. In addition, source code for all agents is available as a single, easy to compile, C file. You can also create your own agent by using our open SDK.

Agents are simple to setup and maintain - a new agent is automatically configured using the most common settings for the agent type. Bulk changes can be done by selecting an agent and applying its configuration to other agents. Agents are configured from the site and are upgraded automatically when new features become available. When they are no longer needed, agents uninstall themselves on command from the site.


Once an alarm is raised by one of your agents, it is sent using our various alert channels. We support:

Alerts are highly customizable, enabling you to set the format, alert level and channel per agent. In addition you can divide your week into time windows to match the required altering scheme with your needs. For instance, you can have different people get alerts during different days, set a delayed report, define severity thresholds and even define maintenance slots where alerts are suppressed unless they are still relevant at the end of the window.

Who is it for?

R-U-ON is ideal for small and medium IT teams looking for a simple and powerful monitoring system.

Because it is delivered as a service in a neutral public environment, it shines when monitoring distributed networks where a centralized installed system is hard to setup. This is a typical architecture for Consultants, IT Service Providers, Managed Service Providers and anyone who needs to monitor equipment distributed across multiple customers and sites. R-U-ON can support multiple users per account with different access levels so you can give your customers access to their segment of the system with simple reports, maps and health indicators.

R-U-ON also works well in an embedded model where it is setup in a highly scattered installation such as public kiosks, embedded hardware or as an OEM bundled inside a product. Using our SDK you can extend R-U-ON to monitor proprietary, non-standard applications for yourself or as a service to your customers.


There is more!

R-U-ON has many more exciting features for you to explore:


We invest considerable efforts to make our platform safe and secure.


R-U-ON has a set of APIs enabling you to build your own agents as well as acquire data such as alarms, tickets and agents. The SDK is open for all and we offer free, unlimited developer support.

You can learn more and download the documentation and SDKs here.