Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I not getting email notifications?

There are several common reasons for not getting email notifications:

How can I control what notifications I get?

In the agent screen there is a notification section that allows you to set the distribution list and severity for alarm notifications.
New agents that are added derive their notification settings from agents that are already configured.
For additional fine-tuning of messages, we suggest using the rules mechanism that is available in most email readers (client or web based).

How do I uninstall an agent?

To uninstall an agent simply go to the agent screen and click the uninstall link. This will delete the agent from your agent list and also give the agent an instruction to remove itself from the machine.
The agent will get the directive to perform an uninstall the next time it calls the server, typically within five minutes.
For the agent to get the directive it should be running.

This mechanism was developed to save the administrator the trouble of logging on to each machine in the network to perform an uninstall.
Should you choose to close your account (from the account settings screen) all agents in your network will get the command to uninstall.

What if uninstall fails?

One possible reason for uninstall to fail is that the machine running the agent can no longer make contact with the R-U-ON server because of a network issue. In such a rare occasion you will want to cleanup the agent files manually:

On a windows machine, open a command shell ("cmd") and go to the agent directory (for instance "c:\Program Files\ruon.neton"). Run the agent with an uninstall argument (e.g. "neton uninstall"). This will shutdown the agent and remove it from the service list. All you have to do now is remove the directory itself. The agent is guaranteed to create no files outside this directory.

On a UNIX machine, all you have to do is remove the files the agent generated in its directory. Like a Windows agent, a UNIX agent will only create files in its own directory.

What is the difference between ServerOn and NetOn?

All R-U-ON agents maintain a keepalive dialog with the R-U-ON server. When an agent stops calling keepalive an alarm is raised. The NetOn agent performs this action and this action only. If a NetOn agent goes down it is either because of a critical failure on its host or a network issue.
ServerOn, in addition to that, performs system health checks such as swap usage and volume usage.
ServerOn includes the NetOn functionality. There is no need to install both on the same machine.

Where can I find your widgets, gadgets and mobile apps?

Go to this page.

Where can I get the source code for the different agents?

Right here

How do I evaluate the various packages?

To start a package evaluation go to the Settings->Billing page and click the Evaluate link next to the package you would like to evaluate.
All R-U-ON packages come with a 30 days evaluation period. The evaluation does not require any payment information.

How do I subscribe to one of your packages?

You can subscribe to any package from the Settings->Billing page. Simply click the Activate link next to the package you are interested in and follow the instructions.
We accept all major credit cards. You will be charged every month, on or immediately after the day of the month you started your subscription.

Where can I see my invoices?

Your monthly invoices appear at the Settings->Billing page. Click the Invoice link next to the period you are interested in.


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