Mobile Clients and Widgets

Completely rewritten for modern iOS and screen sizes, our iPhone app is the most feature rich R-U-ON client. It supports alarms, agents, tickets instant site login, push notification and more. Download it from the app store.

Our Android app 2.0 shows your active alarms and supports push notifications with custom sounds that identify the alarm using sound and voice. You can stay in touch with your IT infrastructure without taking the phone out of your pocket.


widg•et  |'wijit|  n. informal

Small visual utilities that plug into a platform and do, well, something.


Our new mac widget is the perfect companion for the brand new Today Sidebar. In addition to having the list of active alarms one click away, the widget uses the notification center to update you of incoming alarms and events.
A must for all our mac users.


When docked, the Vista/Windows 7 Gadget is our smallest, squeezing nicely into the narrow Sidebar. If you have some more screen "real-estate" available, undock it for a more spacious view of your data.
While Windows 7 gadgets are being phased out with Windows 8, you can still make use of it by installing 8GadgetPack.


The beautiful Mac widget can show Alarms, Agents or Tickets, additional details on click, supports grouping, resizing and multiple instances.
It also has the words "Don't Worry" inscribed in large friendly letters on the lower left corner. It looks as widgets are being phased out in favor of the Today sidebar but you can still use them while they last.