In addition to being a great monitoring solution, R-U-ON is first and foremost an open platform. Using a variety of APIs and standards, you can create your own R-U-ON agents or customized data acquisition and presentation layer.


R-U-ON's RSS feeds are intended both for human use and system-to-system integration. The feeds can be used to create your own presentation layer (this is how our widgets work), or upload the data collected by R-U-ON to a northbound system. Click here to download the feed specifications.


You can easily create your own agents and expand R-U-ON's monitoring capabilities. Through a simple integration (about a day) you can be monitoring your proprietary systems or embed R-U-ON inside your products and services.


The I Am On Protocol defines a set of XML/HTTP requests and responses that allow an agent to communicate with the R-U-ON server. We recommend using the C#, Java or C API, although the protocol is relatively easy to implement if you happen to be using a different technology. Get the IAOP specifications here.


The I Am On.NET API is an open source C# implementation of the IAOP protocol. It is the most widely used and has comprehensive documentation and sample programs, including the famous coffee machine. Get it all here.


The Java I Am On API is an open source Java implementation of the IAOP protocol. It is mostly used to embed R-U-ON in Java applications (as opposed to building system monitoring agents). Download it here.


The C I Am On API is an open source C implementation of the IAOP protocol. It is highly portable and very compact. It is the API all our agents use, allowing for a tiny footprint and multi-platform support. You can download the API here and get reference source code for our agents here.


JRSS is a Java wrapper for our alarm feed enabling you to easily get a snapshot of active alarms. Source code for this library is available here.