About R-U-ON

R-U-ON was founded in 2006 with a mission to build a new kind of network management experience for your IT infrastructure.

We engineer our platform to be as simple as possible to setup and operate yet deliver the power and robustness of a large scale network management system.

With our brief sign up process, 30 days free trial and simple setup process, we are claiming the title of fastest-setup-monitoring-system.

We invite you to setup an account and take a tour of our comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface.


Built with integration and extension in mind, our system is an ideal solution for proprietary monitoring. We created several API layers and published our protocol specifications.
Source code for our agents is available as a baseline and reference.
We provide free support for developers looking to integrate their system with our platform.


Our software is built around a user community and we are listening very carefully to what you have to say. We are constantly looking for feedback that will allow our platform to evolve and deliver more value and ease of use.


We invested a lot of efforts in making sure R-U-ON is a secure system that does not compromise your IT environment or privacy.


For more information, feedback or ideas, feel free to contact us.


Pleasant Monitoring!
The R-U-ON Team