2019-11-19: Updates to mobile apps

We've recently updated our mobile apps, both Android and iOS, to adapt them to recent changes to iOS and Android, as well as the Google push notification mechanism.
Also, we took this opportunity to open source our mobile apps!
You can now fork them on github or contribute code to the apps. They are available under an MIT license. You can find them at and
Contact us if you run into any issues with the new versions.

2018-10-30: New Locations Feature (Maps)

We are excited to introduce our new Locations page. Our old Locations feature stopped working after Google deprecated the old APIs we were using. This was a great opportunity for us to rebuild our entire locations page from the ground up with a brand new and more streamlined look (and with automatic background refresh).
This time, we build it on top of the new Apple mapkit JS engine which is nicer and (we believe) has less privacy implications.
The whole thing is brand new so you might find some unintended consequences which we want to hear about. Go to Monitoring > Locations and let us know what you think.

2018-8-09: Windows Defender on Server 2016

Yesterday windows defender flagged ServerOn as malware. We contacted Microsoft and they whitelisted our exe files.
In order for the change to take effect, you might need to pull the new Windows Defender database. You can do that from the Windows Defender program > Update folder.
Additional useful information is that you can add exceptions and un-quarantine files from the History tab of Windows Defender (admin privileges needed).
Once you update the malware database, you might need to reinstall serveron if you are not able to use the Restore option of the history folder.

Older Announcements

2017-8-25: Email Servers Change

For the past hours we've had an email server outage. The root cause was an outage of all dedicated servers in 1&1, the hosting provider that held our email servers.
This outage and especially the slow reaction and turn around we've seen from 1&1 prompted us to switch providers instead of waiting for their service to resume.
We switched to a cloud provider called @mailgun which specializes in mission critical bulk email. They have a great uptime record and we believe we've found a great home for our email.
Once we finalized the configuration all notifications emails were sent out. We apologize for the delay and trust that our email service will be more robust going forward.
As with any change, especially when it comes to email and spam blockers, there could be point issues. Let us know immediately and we will assist with any problem that comes up.

2016-5-21: Alarm Escalation

We are very excited to present this new and powerful feature. With alarm escalation you can set the initial severity of each alarm type and how it escalates over time.
For instance, you can decide that Disk Space alarms start off as minor alarms, but escalate to major and then to critical over the next hours and days or that CPU alarms become critical after a few minutes.
Each time an alarm is escalated new notifications are sent out according to your active notification rules. Set up alarm escalation by going to Settings > Escalation.
You can use alarm escalation for alarm reminders without changing the alarm severity.
We are sure you will like this new tool and are standing by for your feedback on how we can make it even better.

2015-12-26: Windows MSI Proxy Settings + Apple Watch?

When we switched to MSI installers we've dropped http proxy client support. It is now officially back with some bug fixes around our https proxy code.
Also, if you are an Apple watch user and would like to see app support, drop us a note (yes, we are looking for an excuse to buy a couple of watches).

2015-9-23: Windows MSI

We've switched our windows agent installation method to a more standard MSI installation approach. This will replace our Windows agents ability to self install, which went against what some antivirus software packages consider good behaviour. This should fix the issues we've been having with ESET lately.
If your agent is installed and running there is no need to change anything.
The only down side is that the installation process now requires you to enter your account email and password. We are looking into ways to embed this information in the MSI file.
If you experience any issues with the installation bundle, please contact us immediately.

2015-7-25: The new Android App

Finally, our modernized Android app is here. Complete with push notification and our signature customized alert sound, the app is quickly catching up with its iPhone counterpart.
Please download and send us feedback / suggestions etc.

2015-5-12: iPhone App Alert Sounds

Our new iOS App has new custom notification sounds! We have been testing this feature for a few weeks and are extremely excited to present it.
The alert sounds let you easily distinguish between alarms going up and clearing and also notice the severity (critical, major, minor). In addition, for popular alarms (such as Agent State, CPU, Memory, Connectivity etc) there is an addition spoken description. You truly don't have to take the phone out of your pocket to know what's going on.
Feel free to contact us with feedback for the new app. Also, if any of you out there are using an Apple Wathch and think it is a good idea to add an R-U-ON Glance, we would very much like to hear from you.

2015-3-14: CPU Timeout and Invoice Email

Our recent release contains two often requested features. The first is a timeout for ServerOn CPU usage monitoring. This enables you to specify how long the usage has to cross the threshold for an alarm to go up.
And, finally, our system will send out invoice emails with direct links to print/save the invoice.

2015-1-9: Mac Today Widget

For your monitoring pleasure, we have a brand new widget taking advantage of the Today Sidebar on OSX Yosemite. You can download it on the new mobile/widgets page or from the some what reorganized Download section in your account.
Please send us any feedback and requests for this cool new widget.

Also, our announcements page is now RSS enabled.


We updated our agents to support Mac OS X Yosemite. While the agent themselves remain unchanged, Apple has deprecated the startup service system we've been using so we had to change the installation to use launchd and launchctl.

Let us know if you run into any issues when installing a new agent (or uninstalling). If you are upgrading an existing system to Yosemite you can install over the existing agent and it will make sure the agent is launching at startup. If you are upgrading a large number of machines, contact us for instructions on how to easily configure launchd to run an existing agent installation.

2014-10-17: POODLE and other features

Since learning of the POODLE vulnerability we went ahead and checked the SSL encryption status of our agents. Unfortunately we found out that our agents only support SSLv3 which makes it impossible for us to remove SSLv3 support from our servers. We released an upgrade for all our agents which supports TLS 1.2 and we encourage all our users to upgrade all their agents to the latest release. As usual with agents upgrade, if you have a lot of agents installed, you might want to upgrade a portion of your agents and wait a while to check for issues before upgrading your entire list.

Another nice and often requested feature we've released today is time based path monitoring for ServerOn. This is useful for backup monitoring, alerting you when a certain path has files that are too old (backup not working) or not old enough (backup retention).

2014-9-27: What's new?

A short update of what we have been up to lately. Most are driven by your requests, so keep them coming.

2014-7-1: R-U-ON Reboot

As you can see, we have redesigned our site with a new look and improved user interface. This is part of a renewed focus in developing R-U-ON to better service our user community and enhance our platform.

We are now offering a single plan which combines all of our features in a simple package with a straight forward price structure.

This is great news for our NET/PRO/TRK and White-label users. We are maintaining the same price points of our old PRO package and combining into it all other features such as ticketing and customized branding. Package size is determined by number of agents and all agents are counted equally. This makes for a truly great service at a very competitive price.

At the same time, we apologize to our loved Basic Package users. While we are sad we will no longer offer a free service we are confident that this will enable us to provide a better experience to our community as a whole.

If your budget permits, we invite you to give our paid service a try. We are sure you will enjoy the new features and your additional support will make a huge difference in further expanding R-U-ON.

Pleasant Monitoring!
The R-U-ON Team


For support and suggestions, please feel free to contact us at or use the support icon on the lower right side of the screen. You can also check our FAQ.